People to contact for Political ladder rise

Whats relationship between racial hierarchies and class consciousnesses in America/in general?

Do an art ski on international politics taking place at the DMV, US attacking Iran and DMV mediating
Selling violence to kids in America(on tv)/Culture?Why? To recruit for military-push violence-pentagon tell people cant make if negative about military, book Hollywood vs Hardcore,
Piracy laws bs(500,000 fine)
Spraying DDT to kill a Nat=Metaphor
Movie called this Film has not yet been rated.

Censorship in US =youtube video 90% revenue to any politcal videos- way to silence disidence,

Make Image on sign/poster Keep our Beachs Clean on 16-17th Ave and 8th

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Senior Completing Under Graduate in Political Science Minor in Sustainability at MU Competition is for the Weak. Jobs are for the sick. Hammers, Nails, One Tool, One Solution. Homo Homini Lupus.

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