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Marco Palladino for Public Office

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Criminal Justice

Green energy/infrastructure development


Income inequality

10 Solutions to Fight Economic Inequality

Marco Palladino is a 22-year-old running for public office to represent his idea of equality justice and a pursuit of a better American Society. His pursuit is for simple ideas to be incorporated into public policy and to get the fat cats on a diet. Marc believes in cutting inefficient and bad policy spending program that don’t benefit the American people

Quick Resume
Intern for Monmouth University Peace Corp Prep
Intern for New Jersey Universal Health Care Coalition
Intern for Food and Water Watch

Economics and Social

How Barcelona is taking city street back from cars

A brilliant approach to making cities more walkable. We should all take a lesson from Barcelona:

Posted by Ezra Klein on Sunday, April 9, 2017

Supporting Strong Credit Unions

Living Wage
$15 wage is necessary for people to survive in today’s world.

Universal Health Care

Increase Taxes on people making over $500,000 and adding higher estates taxes which only affect 0.001 of the population.

Free Public/Community Colleges (Secondary Education)

Upgrading US transit system (Public Works)

Drug Policy/ Reform/ Making Streets Safer

School Reforms

Prison Reforms
Mandate possession of any drug must be in high quantities in order to become a crime unless under the age of 16 where minors should be assigned a social worker.
Environmentally Policy
A ban on Pesticides should and is a top priority statewide to protect NJ residents for cancer and other health issues. It is also an issue of keeping the eco-system alive, keep pesticides out of the water we drink and the animals drink. A ban on pesticides and a mandate for using other techniques will be key to kill pesticides be they weeds or insects.
Sustainable Farming Habits combined with crop rotation will dramatically reduce the need for pesticides. Crop rotation show pesticides are less worrisome has been a historical tactic as well as large scale indoor farming.

An example? How about giving Exxon tax credits for cleaning up their oil spill? To Marc that doesn’t make sense, they shouldn’t be fined on basic numbers but percentages of their global income. Marc is from New Jersey, a place with the most Superfund sites in the country. A Superfund site is a site so toxic the federal government has to step in. Public officials, private officials have failed to solve this problem sometimes because of will, but often because long tedious legal battles that end up sucking money from actually solving the problem. A recent example X, where the state won but most of it was put toward the legal fees. It is a dire need to reduce costs and to get to action when cleaning up toxic waste that makes NJ less healthy.
Why everyone should be an environmentalist
Ban on Pesticides or other toxic Chemicals
Using pesticides is a way to generally get rid of weeds we do not want or even insecticides for insects.What has been shown over time is that these products are not only ineffective because over time plants or bugs build resistance but that they are a danger to the users. We need to reform how we use toxic chemicals, a metaphor for this is like using a shotgun instead of a flyer swatter. We do not need to use these chemicals and often we have the natural solutions available. Before I get into them, it’s worthy make note that many farms use them too much and risk their health and the public’s’ health to do such. We can systematically reduce risk and increase human health but first reducing consumption of goods by high taxes and training courses on sustainable none pesticide use agriculture. Organic agriculture reduces the use of toxic chemicals of which end up in the water supply of which the affects are severe in certain places more than others. The question we should ask ourselves is always is it worth it? With contamination of water, huge determent to human health(cancers) for workers and for regular townsfolk, is it worth it?
Simple solution to chemicals
A common found around the house weed killer is actually vinegar, it is known to kill many plants and is not toxic to human health! Don’t be dumping 200 pounds in a yard though.
Another good idea is to plant certain types of plants around the house to keep bugs out!

Carbon Cutting on Public Policy of State/Government
We need to cut all the excess carbon out of the air that we are producing with our machines, agriculture, and technology. One of the ways we begin to do that is by auditing the carbon output of different areas and after that data taking steps to cut it which should create tons of environmental and engineering jobs around the tri-state area. Right now the US military is one of the biggest polluters, making sure they are accounted for and making smart public policy choices that not only improve public health but create a more sustainable future. It’s why military barracks all over are getting solar on them which is a great choice.

Investment in Research and Development as Share of GDP to Increase
We must increase our military and generally spending on technologies that are likely to benefit public. Over the last decade spending has been cut in research and development, the United States is the only country to do such and will suffer long term shortfall unless its a leader in technology.

Pentagon Pollution, 7: The military assault on global climate

Investing in Energy Infrastructure in all homes and other efficient devices to reduce energy and water waste.

Investing in clean solar and Wind energy where its most efficient will be key to pushing NJ to Marc’s goal of 100% renewable by 2035.
Cooperating and making non-profits a part of the conversation like Food and Water Watch remain key for a more policy-focused future.
Offshore Wind

International Conflict Resolution
“Call it peace or call it treason, call it love or call it reason, I aint marching anymore.”- Phil Orchs
Funding Art

Water Conservation
We are running out of clean water and doing on road to serious trouble by 2020. Investing in clean long term public water systems is critical for the future of New Jersey and doing it in key areas. Changing prices systems based on use/income and setting limits so people get charged after they go over a certain amount. Upgrading age-old water infrastructure will be important for maintaining health, especially in high-density areas. Forcing a water tax on consumers to promote lower water use and to also build centers all over the state in ideal locations for high-cost effectiveness. Also planting the right type of tree, native to the region, could have the affect of promoting more sustainable water system.
Corruption is a plaque on the American political system, the American economy and the ability to have a “democracy of maximums and plutocracy of minimums. We need to work on banning money from different groups who have the least interest in the health of the American society. Killing corruption via banning lobbying, making corporations with historically lobbying power pay an additionally tax for a public defender against the companies interests to level the playing field. First by going for limbs than buying going for the centrally nervous system.
Corruption is a bug to be killed by concerned and active citizens. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=kdrjzE1SE58
Wolf-Pack – Helps fight corruption

Serious Economic Viability Schemes-Reduce-Reuse- Recycle
Turning foreclosure into a benefit for small business and entrepreneurs will be key to upgrading areas and making use of already available resources. Fixing old malls up and converting them to tech hubs and vertical farms will create strong industries to the public benefit.
Reforming agriculture is another way to cut water consumption as a significant portion of water use goes to agriculture.

Converting Office Buildings into productive community spaces.
Building Transportation hubs that makes sense and to have a 100 year plan.

Convicted Felonies should have the right to vote after they serve their sentence. They served their time in jail and should not have the right to vote taken away from them.
Take the Pledge to support
Universal Healthcare
Clean Energy
Nuclear Disarmament
Human Rights
Free Speech
Civic Education
Higher Clean Drinking Water Standards
Universal Suffrage for All

Marc Has a desire
“Weapons of Mass Dissent”-https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ngOchfbbgz0
Bitcoin? Not sure

Marco Palladino
Senior Completing Under Graduate in Political Science Minor in Sustainability at MU Competition is for the Weak. Jobs are for the sick. Hammers, Nails, One Tool, One Solution. Homo Homini Lupus.


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