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What gives government right to rule?Is it law? Or is it reason? Perhaps consent? All of these things have elements mixed in the current government(20 year period), some more than others. Every man has a right to prosperity under the most ideal conditions a state can provide. But is the state providing those conditions or allowing them to flourish? The answer is clearly no. The government is largely maintained through simple power dynamics that have recognizable effects on the prosperity of men’s lives. Why will there be more plastic than fish in the ocean by 2050?

Well you have your answer – power and government. Not at the whims of the common man but of the man who holds the green tickets on the ride of injustice. Where do you stand? Well, it is likely you stand more with the common man than the common thief. If you ask why don’t Americans have healthcare, it is not about resources, it’s not about money, it’s about power.

The definition of power is a complex one and will evolve throughout this post. The current power is with the green tickets that allow the government roller-coaster to twist and turn at their will. The 2nd type of power is true power, which is the type of power that is hidden from the common man. The power for men to gather and make decisions en masse and enforce those desires, needs, or what have you on the state. If that power is not answered, if men do not demand justice from the first type of power, then power gives nothing without demand. If left unchecked, then men will remain peasants under feudal rule of gods and kings. It doesn’t take much for a man to realize he is not free when his teeth fall out.  Meanwhile, the politician on the stage proclaims “we are for freedom.” Where is his freedom when tooth by tooth his teeth decay, wary of that evil word, that word used to manipulate the masses, the flock. “Freedom,” they say; well freedom they shall never achieve. Because freedom is really the ability to choose, not between red or blue, but between feudalism and freedom, the kind of choice you probably don’t have.

My advice to you is not to support politician via automatic weapons, but to support them via mass mobilization on common issues that all man agree on such as free speech and healthcare, human rights for all, even minorities. You must proclaim your independence and freedom. “But divide ye fall” proclaimed Julius Caesar as he conquered Gaul. As Benjamin Franklin eloquently stated in 1754, “Join or Die.”

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  1. Karcy on July 30, 2017

    Keep up the good work! Really good to know.