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Will They Impeach?

Will They Impeach? Part Three

What Does The Release of the Mueller Report Mean For The Trump Presidency The two-year long investigation led by...

Will They Impeach? Part Two

House Speaker Nancy Pelosi Rules Out Impeaching President Trump That thinking among Democrats has...

Will They Impeach? Part One

1. Trump Impeachment Talk Begins to Gain Traction in Congress

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OurWeek In Politics (July 1, 2020-July 8, 2020)

Here are the main events that occurred in Politics this week: 1. US Economy Adds Record 4.8 Million...

House of Representatives Passes Landmark $1.5 Trillion Infrastructure Reform Bill

The House of Representatives on July 1 passed a $1.5 trillion infrastructure bill that would sharply increase Infrastructure spending on roads and...

Supreme Court Rules In Favor of Trump Administration On Obamacare Birth Control Mandate

The Supreme Court ruled on July 8 that the Trump administration may allow employers and universities to opt-out of the Affordable Care...

President Donald Trump Withdraws The US From The World Health Organization

The US has formally notified the United Nations that it is withdrawing from the World Health Organization, following through on an announcement President Donald...