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Theories of Democratic Transitions

In the study of Democratic Transitions and regime collapse at the international level, there exist many theories that can be used to help explain...

Ayn Rand: Capitalism and Objectivism Manifested in Atlas Shrugged

One of the most significant political theories of the 20th Century is Ayn Rands Objectivism. Rand is known for promoting the philosophical idea of...

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OurWeek In Politics (July 22, 2020-July 29, 2020)

Here are the main events that occurred in Politics this week: 1.Senate Republicans Introduced Coronavirus Relief Package

US Senate Introduces Legislation To Curb Big Tech’s Ad Business Activities

On July 28 Senator Josh Hawley (R-MO), a major critic of the big tech industry, introduced legislation that would penalize large tech...

Trump Administration Rolls Back Fair Housing Provision Intended On Combatting Racial Segregation In Housing

The Trump Administration moved on July 23 to eliminate an Obama-era program intended to combat racial segregation in suburban housing, saying it...

2020 Election: Joe Biden Announces That He Is Close To Naming His Running-Mate

Presumptive Democratic nominee Joe Biden said on July 28 he will choose his Vice Presidential running mate next week. The former Vice President's comment...