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TrumpCare – Developing Slogans with the Donald

TrumpCare- Killing poor people, was never so easy

TrumpCare- Poor or Black? Not our problem.

TrumpCare- Rich people stay rich and the poor get less medicine, it’s win-win folks

TrumpCare- Fixing everything you thought was wrong with the healthcare system without doing a damn thing to address it

TrumpCare- Taxes are too high! Give me a break!

TrumpCare- Make America Sick Again.

TrumpCare- T Trump, who build hotels and makes lots of money! R is for repeal- R is for replace ObamaCare!!! WHo HA! WHO HA! U is for uninsured! M is for major disaster for the sick!!Unless you’re rich like me!! P is for penalty when you’re sick, which means you go bankrupt! C is for critical which means you’ll die!Unless you are rich like me! A is for affluence which I’ll gain through Tax cuts Tax cuts! Hora! R is for Repeal and R is for Replace! E is for everyone!!Everyone getting F-U-C-K fucked! Unless you’re rich like me! 1% Hey! 1% Ho! Screwing Americans out of Healthcare lets go go go!

Medicare For All- People Have Value

TrumpCare would cut 800 billion to Medicaid which delivers health to millions of low-income Americans.


Marco Palladino
Senior Completing Under Graduate in Political Science Minor in Sustainability at MU Competition is for the Weak. Jobs are for the sick. Hammers, Nails, One Tool, One Solution. Homo Homini Lupus.


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