We are coming to you live from Belmar New Jersey with some new money making slogans, of-course profit and charity mixed together for the perfect balance.

We have a company’s designs coming up so buckle up and put on your helmet folks it’s going to be a bumpy ride.

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Our First contender is coming to you from Charlottesville, VA, Bob Wanhana

His idea is to use the current political climate to start a venture capital company to give people surprise visits from across the country.

The company name is called, “Make a punch foundation”, the idea according to Bob was inspired by make a wish foundation, which help’s dying kids under 18 make a wish before they die, be aware you can age out of the program. Bob wants a new program available to people of all ages and economic backgrounds except gays. Bob is currently in the fundraising portion of his enterprise where he hopes to raise $30,000 to get things started.

M: So Bob how are you going to get that money?

Bob: Well M, I plan on soliciting every group I can that wants to see people punched and asking for donations to help people out there who want to be punched, but have just be down on their luck.

M: Well how do you planning on using these funds to help those in need?

Bob: I plan on using some of the money to help settle a case with my ex-wife, using another few thousands to light money on fire in front of poor blacks in Haiti and then paying someone to punch our first lucky winner.

M: Now now Bob, you can’t get the audience roused up like that and not tell them who your first wish will be.

Bob: Well M, I like to keep the people in a state of awe and finding out before it happens can really mess things up like spoiling game of thrones for a friend by telling them that everyone dies.

M: I understand you will be listed as a non-profit so all donations are tax deductible, is that right Bob?

Bob: That’s right, if you donate money to my foundation it’s less money going to your government to slaughter innocent people in other countries, I am all for keeping the money in the country and won’t move my company overseas.

M: I am sure you have won the crowd on that one Bob, outsourcing is out this season. How do you feel about punching Nazi’s?

Bob: I am not against the idea if they are on my lawn or even if small children are in my yard, I say it’s a waste of capital to punch people who might be expecting it soon. There are plenty of people out there who are more desperate and in need. Cops that rape children on duty, politicians who lie and break their promises, a banker, wealthy arms dealers, you know, all sorts of people from different backgrounds¬†and walks of life.

M: Well you make a compelling argument there Bob, we’re out of time will have to leave it at that, Thanks, Bob! (shakes hand).

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