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Oh Henry!: An Ezra Stone Story

Oh Henry!

By: Thomas Duncan

Walter was walking down the candy aisle of his local grocery store in a rural town in Eastern Ohio. He had been craving a particular type of chocolate candy. Not a little Ruth or a Hershey’s but the illusive Oh Henry bar. This was his lucky day. He bent down and looked at the bottom shelf. He noticed the bright yellow bag at the back of the shelf and grabbed it. Walter was giddy like a school girl. He jumped for joy and place the bag of candy in his shopping cart since there was only one bag of Oh Henry bars on the shelf.

Next, Walter went to cereal aisle and picked up a large red box of Captain Cavity cereal. Then he went to the milk section and got a half gallon of two percent milk. Lastly, he got in line, grabbed a can of cherry cola from the freezer, and grabbed a magazine that was next to the register. The cover featured his favorite actress, Thelma Todd. The magazine was for the anniversary of her passing. Walter purchased the magazine along with his groceries. He chatted with the cashier whose name was Lola. She asked if he was going to hand out the Oh Henry bars to the trick or treaters. Walter laughed and explained that his house was set in the middle of a farm and that he never got trick or treaters.

On his way home he opened the bag of Oh Henry bars and drank the can of cherry cola. Before stopping at his house. Walter stopped at the Elm Grove Cemetery to visit his mom’s grave. He didn’t stay too long but while he was there he had some strange experiences. He felt a cold spot on his spine and the weather was unusually warm for October. Another thing that happened to him was that he heard his car door open, but when he turned around the door was shut and there was no other vehicle around. He abruptly went to his car and counted the number of Oh Henry bars. Two of the Oh Henry bars were missing. He ate one but the other one he couldn’t figure out why it was missing. Then to ease his mind he just told himself that the processing plant just miscounted and gave him one less. He didn’t want to admit that he had some type of a paranormal experience.

When he got home he noticed his Social Security check missing from the table he had on before he left to go shopping. In its place was a note written in blood. It read “Give us your Oh Henry bars!” Walter burned the note in his fireplace and ate another Oh Henry bar. He thought it was just a joke someone was playing on him. But who that was didn’t really matter to Walter. He just wanted to relax and watch a baseball game. Then he heard noises in his house. Footsteps above him and a door open. He investigated the door and found there was no draft. Then he went upstairs and found no one. He wasn’t surprised because these occurrences have been taking place ever since he started living there, six years before.

He went back downstairs and continued to watch baseball. He fell asleep. He was then awoken by a knock on his front door. He got up and went to the door. He saw what he thought was a kid in a costume. “Go away kid no one’s going to take my Oh Henry bar away from me!” Walter shouted as he slammed the door. This angered apparition and he walked through the door and attacked Walter. A fight ensued.

Walter grabbed his almanac and hit the ghost with it but it only when through the ghost’s arms. Then the ghost grabbed the almanac from Walter’s hand and smacked him across his face with it. Walter fell and lied lifeless on the ground. Then the ghost stole Walter’s Oh Henry bar and disappeared.

The End


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