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Donald Trump Convention Speech Summary

Yesterday, Republican Presidential nominee Donald Trump gave his acceptance speech at the Republican National Convention. After thanking the delegates and the American people for giving him the opportunity to accept the Republican nomination for President, Trump proclaimed that “the crime and violence that today afflicts our nation” will come to an end with a change in leadership.Trump then went on to focus on the perceived failures of the Obama Administration on issues such as crime, economic policy, and foreign policy. In particular, Trump mentioned that Hillary Clinton is to blame for much of the foreign policy issues currently facing the US due to the policies that she pursued as Secretary of State. Trump then stated that the US would continue to face the same problems so long as the leadership that failed to effectively manage them continues to stay in office.

Trump then went on to discuss his position on a number of political issues and proclaimed that it would “put the American people first.” Trump first stated that millions of dissatisfied Democrats would join his movement because he will fix the system so it would work fairly for all Americans. Trump then went on to praise his running-mate, Indiana Governor Mike Pence, stating that he is a “man of character and accomplishment.” Trump declared that his economic plan would create millions of new jobs and that he would pursue trade policies that would be beneficial to the American worker. Additionally, Trump pledged that law and order would be the priority of his administration and claimed that “there can be no lasting prosperity without law and order.” On foreign policy, Trump declared that he would abandon the “failed policy of nation building and regime change” in the Middle East and work with all of the allies of the US who share the goal of defeating ISIS and similar radical groups.Finally, Trump highlighted his hard-line position on immigration, pledging to build his proposed border wall, placing a ban on immigrants from countries that have been compromised by terrorism until a proper vetting mechanism is implemented, and placing limits on the number of refugees to be admitted to the US from countries such as Syria. When discussing his policy positions, Trump continued to express a high level of criticism towards Hillary Clinton, claiming that she is the preferred candidate of the powerful special interest groups and that her policies would only worsen the issues facing America.

Overall, the reaction to Donald Trumps acceptance speech is mixed. When compared to earlier campaign speeches, Trump came across as more composed and his speech was relatively strong rhetorically. On the other hand, the tone of Trump’s speech as a whole was markedly negative. For example, Trump did not present an optimistic vision of America’s future and instead focused on the problems currently facing America instead. This is directly in contrast to prior convention speeches, where Presidential candidates focus on their positive vision of America and what they will do to make that vision a reality. Additionally, many of the allegations (in particular the claims he made regarding the rate of crime) made by Trump over the course of his speech proved to be false.

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  1. […] Accusing President Donald Trump of “an unconstitutional and unlawful scheme,” the suit says the states are trying “to protect their residents, natural resources, and economic interests from President Donald Trump’s flagrant disregard of fundamental separation of powers principles ingrained in the US Constitution.” The complaint, filed by the attorneys general of nearly a third of the states and representing millions of Americans, immediately became the heavyweight among a rapid outpouring of opposition to the President Donald Trump’s emergency declaration. When announcing his declaration, President Trump announced he was instituting a national emergency at the US-Mexico border because Congress did not provide enough money for a wall, that has stood as one of the most enduring promises from his 2016 campaign. […]


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