“Donald Trump, the Decline of an Empire” Documentary Review
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“Donald Trump, the Decline of an Empire” is a 2016 documentary produced by PressTV. The film discusses the rise of President Donald Trump and the fact that his views, policies, and rhetoric have raised grave concerns among Americans. Described as a “neo-conservative populist, racist, Fascist, and a two-faced man,” Trump has played into the anger that the American people have towards the status-quo and has proposed simplistic and ultimately destructive solutions to the problems facing ordinary Americans. The film begins with a discussion of Donald Trump’s background. Born into a wealthy family with a questionable past, Trump began his career in real estate in the early 1970s and had numerous personal and business failings. Despite his failings, Trump began to effectively use and manipulate the media to build up a following among the youth and disillusioned individuals.

In particular, President Trump has used Muslim Americans, Hispanic Americans, African Americans, the poor, and the disabled as scapegoats to be blamed for all the problems currently facing the US. For example, Trump has argued that undocumented immigrants and African Americans are the sources for all crime in the US and that Muslim Americans (Shi’a Muslims in particular) are at war with the US and deserve to become second-class citizens. Despite the falsehood of nearly all of his statements, Trump gained high levels of support within the US and was able to win both the Republican Presidential nomination and the Presidential election. By targeting these groups in both his rhetoric and policies, Trump hopes to distract ordinary Americans from the problems facing the country and deceive them into supporting his destructive agenda. Additionally, Trump seeks to permanently create a police state in the US and clamp down on civil rights and civil liberties by pitting different groups of people against each other.

Within the realm of foreign policy, President Trump has proposed many horrific policy changes. Trump called for the US military to expand the use of torture for people suspected of terrorism and supports ramping up US involvement in the Middle East. These policies would directly go against universally-recognized standards and are contrary to international law. Trump also supports expanding US military spending to as high as $1 trillion per year and has stated that he would be willing to use nuclear weapons on the battlefield. Moreover, Trump is a major supporter of authoritarian regimes in the Middle East such as Saudi Arabia and Israel and pledges to follow their lead in relation to all US policy decisions in the region. For example, Trump is opposed to a two-state solution to the Israeli-Palestinian conflict and supports Zionist efforts to continually oppress the Palestinian people and deny them the self-determination they are entitled to under international law. In addition, Trump favors a return to discredited neo-liberal economic policies such as reductions in government spending and massive tax cuts for the wealthy as a way to increase the wealth and power of the top 1% and negatively impact the poor and vulnerable members of society.

“Donald Trump, the Decline of an Empire” is an excellent political documentary and reveals the destructive nature of the policies proposed and implemented by President Donald Trump. The film is a great source for anyone wanting to understand the dynamic of the 2016 Presidential election and the factors that led to the rise of Donald Trump.

Watch the full documentary below:

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