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Welcome to my blog site! My name is Matthew Rose. I live in New Jersey. I have been keenly interested in politics since the 2004 Presidential election. I write about political trends and demographics, the role of the media in shaping public policy and opinion, and politics at the local level all throughout the US. I also write aboutĀ political economy topics/issues, comparative politics, European politics, Middle Eastern politics, and the impact of US foreign policy in various regions of the world. Additionally, I write about how economics and history shape politics.

Politically, I consider myself to be aligned with Bernie Sanders on economic and social issues, Ron Paul on foreign policy issues and do not identify with either political party. I feel that the American political system has numerous flaws due to how the main political parties are structured and argue that major political and economic reforms are necessary. I am also strongly anti-war and anti-imperialist and consider myself to be a major critic of American foreign policy, especially in the Middle East and Latin America. Moreover, I am a huge proponent of solving international conflicts and long-standing disputes through non-violence and dialogue.

Outside of politics, I am interested in philosophy, literature, comparative religion, and record collecting. I have been collecting records since June of 2007 and currently have around 15,000 records altogether. I mostly focus on collecting Ā Cylinder Records (which were produced by a number of manufacturers from May 1889 until June 1929) and 78rpm records (which were made from 1894 to 1967 in the US). I particularly enjoy early rock and roll, prewar blues music, early country music, pioneering recording artists from the turn of the century, TV or Radio Airchecks, and anything unusual. My collection of vintage recordings on 78s and cylinders extends from 1889 until 1963. Through the hobby of record collecting, I got involved in organizations such as the Association for Recorded Sound Collections (ARSC) and IASA and have met many prominent figures in the field of sound research and archiving. Most recently, I have become heavily involved in the IASA International Bibliography of Discographies and have worked alongside record collectors and recorded sound researchers from countries such as the Czech Republic, United Kingdom, France, and India. I hope to apply what I have learned through meeting researchers in the area of record collecting into my study of political science.

Through this blog, I hope to present an alternative view of politics and highlight ignored political issues. I also seek to create a scholarly resource that can further give assistance to researchers and students. Most importantly, I hope that this blog will encourage more people to gain knowledge about politics and understand the impact that public policy decisions have on their lives.

Other regular writers on this site include:
Marco Palladino, a Senior Political Science Major/Sustainability Minor at Monmouth University
Kaan Jon Boztepe, a Sophmore Political Science/Philosophy Major at Rutgers University
Omar Shah, a Sophmore Biology Major at Monmouth University

If you have any questions about the site or suggest any topics for me to include, feel free to email me at