Interesting content and recommended reading from various websites, books, and journals.

American Political Science Association
The website for the professional association of political science students and scholars in the US.

Atlas Forum
Great political discussion site in existence since 2003 and an invaluable resource for political election data from 1789-present.

Internet Encyclopedia of Philosophy
Great source for articles on philosophy.

Political Science Quarterly
The web page for the premier political science scholarly journal.

Stanford Encyclopedia of Philosophy
Source for definitions and descriptions of philosophical concepts and topics.

The World Factbook
A reference resource provided by the CIA that gives geographic, political, and economic information on all countries and international organizations.

A History of Modern Iran by Ervand Abrahamian (2008)
A book discussing the political history of Iran from 1900-2005 written by one of the world’s foremost experts on the topic.

A People’s History of the United States by Howard Zinn (1980, Revised in 2015)
A classic work by American political scientist and historian Howard Zinn. In the book, Zinn seeks to present an alternate interpretation of the history of the United States and notes that American history is to a large extent the exploitation of the majority by an elite minority.

Iran: Empire of the Mind: A History from Zoroaster to the Present Day by Michael Axworthy (2009)
An unbiased look at the history of Iran from its formation as a nation to the present-day. An invaluable guide for any studies on the topic of Iran and Middle Eastern politics.

Manufacturing Consent: The Political Economy of the Mass Media by Noam Chomsky (1988)
Classic work was written by an esteemed and prolific author detailing the usage of mass media as a propaganda tool within the US.

Presidential Leadership: Politics and Policy Making by George C. Edwards III and Stephen J. Wayne (2013)
A great book discussing the theoretical approaches to the study of the American Presidency.

Reason and Belief: Great Issues in Philosophy by Alan Schwerin (1999)
Invaluable source on a wide variety of philosophical topics and readings compiled by the world’s most influential and well-known contemporary philosopher.

Shape-Shifting Capital: Spiritual Management, Critical Theory, and the Ethnographic Project by George Gonzales (2015)
A great book discussing the relationship between religion and capitalism.

The Case Against Israel by Michael Neumann (2005)
The Case Against Israel argues that the ideology of political Zionism created the conflict between Israelis and Palestinians and that Israel is responsible for its perpetuation. The argument rests on widely accepted factual claims and impeccable sources. It avoids rhetoric and gratuitous moralizing. There is no attempt to blacken Israel through association with colonialism, imperialism, or racism. Neumann’s argument emphasizes the fateful Zionist quest for Jewish sovereignty in Palestine. This quest—not the massacres or plans for transfer or other blots on Zionist history—made violence inevitable and compromise impossible.

The Middle East (14th Ed.) by Ellen Lust (2017)
Great book on Middle East politics that is standard reading in many college courses related to Middle East politics.

Peace, Propaganda & the Promised Land by Sut Jhally and Bathsheba Ratzkoff (2004)
This film shows how the foreign policy interests of American political elites (working in combination with Israeli public relations strategies) influence US news reporting about the Middle East conflict. Combining American news clips with observations from noted public figures such as Noam Chomsky, Robert Jensen, Hanan Ashrawi, and Robert Fisk, Peace, Propaganda & the Promised Land provide a brief historical overview, a striking media comparison, and an examination of factors that have distorted U.S. media coverage regarding the Middle East.

The Myth of the Liberal Media by Noam Chomsky (1998)
Destroying the myth of the ‘liberal media,’ the documentary shows how corporate interests influence the news coverage of key events.

Facebook Groups
PP&NJ (The Progressive Party of New Jersey)
Great Facebook group that discusses a wide variety of topics.

The Philosophy Lounge
Great Facebook group for discussing philosophy and/or philosophy-related questions.